How to Act During Funerals

Funerals aren’t for the dead; they’re held for the living. It’s a time for the deceased’s friends, family members, and loved ones to gather and lay a beloved to rest.

How do you act while in a funeral (Knoxville, TN)?
During the Wake

The funeral wake often takes place in the evening, and is held prior to the actual funeral service at the funeral parlor or a close relative’s home. It’s a good chance to comfort the family of the deceased at these times.

If you were just informed about the funeral, make sure that the funeral isn’t a “family only” or a “private” affair.

When you arrive, simply offer your condolences to the grieving family. Introduce yourself properly if the family don’t know you well. It’s a great deal for the bereaved to hear sincere words from the heart. This is a trying time for them – it’s a period of mourning and loss. Speak genuine yet polite words.

If there’s a casket present, then stand by it for a while, say a prayer or reflect on the deceased’s life. Afterwards you can mingle with other guests. You’re not required to stay too long; you just have to make your presence felt and pay your last respects. Before leaving, sign the register and provide your information for the family to see.

Should You Bring Flowers?

Sending flowers in a funeral (Knoxville, TN) to express one’s condolences is completely normal and even a bit expected. Flowers can be sent to the church, funeral home, or to the family of the deceased’s home. Flowers should have a card attached to them that says “With deepest sympathy” together with your name.

Some families no longer accept flowers; instead they’d opt for donations. In this case you honor their requests.

Dress Code

Black is the first color in mind when it comes to dressing for funerals, but you don’t have to be black all over. As long as you come dressed in somber outfits then you’ll do just fine.

Men should wear dark suits with simple shirts and dark-colored ties. Women should wear dresses in sober colors. Hats are ideal but are not required. High heels may look great, but will be difficult to wear while walking on soft grass.

Some families may request that people wear a specific style or color of clothes, e.g. wear blue because it was the deceased’s favorite color, or if the deceased hated formality.

Moments You’re Not Prepared For

FuneralsNot everyone is aware on how to express condolences properly. Some aren’t sure on how to act when in a funeral (Knoxville, TN). Be prepared for those who will attempt to discuss insensitive, awkward or inappropriate topics. Just give them the benefit of the doubt, and just bear in mind that everyone present is struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Once faced with thoughtless questions or comments, feel free to state that you’d rather not discuss the issue. Thank those people for their presence, and simply walk away – there’s no need to suddenly storm out of the funeral (Knoxville, TN).

Continue to Remember

You shouldn’t let the event be just a one day affair. Of course, you’ve got to move on and accept the loss, but for the family and relatives of the deceased, the sadness and grief will only set in once they realize the void left by their loved one.

Don’t forget them – call them weeks or months after. Give them a call. Visit them at home. From time to time they may decline your offer, but soon they’ll appreciate the efforts, and be grateful that you remember them.

Call the family members and friends during the death anniversary of the deceased to let them know you haven’t forgotten their loved one’s passing.

Make the Wise Choice When Purchasing Misting Fans

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